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Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo
- Founder, Subud


Subud is a spiritual movement, which began in 1924. It now exists in over seventy countries and numbers about 10,000 members.

Subud is an association of people who share a certain inner experience based on surrender to what may be called the Great Life Force, or the power of God. As an outer expression of its aims, the association has set up health, educational and social projects around the world, funded in some cases by business enterprises.

Subud is based primarily on direct experience, not on belief or teaching. There is no leader, nor any hierarchy within the movement. The path of Subud is the path of spiritual completion as a human being; the word Subud itself has a meaning denoting wholeness or completeness. It is also an acronym of the three Sanskrit words Susila (right living), Budhi (inner life force) and Dharma (will of God).

Subud is non-political and open to members of all races, nationalities and creeds, without distinction. Since no belief or behaviour system is involved, members of all religions as well as those with no religious beliefs – even atheists - are attracted to Subud. The purpose of Subud is not to supplant religion. Subud is not an alternative to religious practice, but on the contrary produces a deeper understanding of religion and a stronger commitment towards it.

Subud does not engage in any kind of advertising or propaganda, and does not seek to attract members by such means. However, there are books about it, and about the experiences of individuals in Subud. These can usually be obtained from libraries.

Courtesy of Subud Publications International