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Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo
- Founder, Subud

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are frequently asked about Subud and the latihan.


What is Subud?
Subud is both an organization with humanitarian missions as well as an association whose members follow the spiritual practice known as the latihan kejiwaan. The latihan is a contact with the divine force of life.


Can I experience the latihan?
If you are seventeen or older and have the sincere wish to worship God it is advised to first become an applicant for no more than three months. The reason for this is to enable individuals interested to become acquainted with those who are part of the association and to get information and clarification about the meaning and aim of Subud. This is necessary so that the individual applicant can really come to some understanding about Subud before they elect to join.


How often do you do the latihan?
It is sufficient to do the latihan for thirty minutes, twice a week preferably with a group of other members. Once the vibration is established and ‘testing’ shows that one is ready, the member is encouraged to do a third latihan at home once a week. It is very important to do latihan regularly.


What is testing?
Testing is a method of asking a question and receiving guidance through the latihan with regard to a particular issue or problem. Usually a member would test with others, whose receiving might support and clarify one’s own receiving. Any question relevant to one’s own spiritual understanding is appropriate.


Do all members of the group latihan together?
Members typically go to a local center to participate in the group. Men and women latihan separately. Members can more fully surrender and feel less distracted when members of opposite sex are not present.


After a period of sitting quietly, the members are asked to stand, relax and a helper asks the members to begin (and end) their latihan. The experience takes place in a room or a hall with open space. During the exercise, practitioners may experience physical and emotional expression, they may be vocal, walk, dance, laugh or cry, and spontaneously follow any movement they receive.


If I do the latihan am I prohibited from following my religion?
The latihan is in harmony with the essence of all religions and Subud members are encouraged to practice their own religion. This is because Subud is not a religion. There are no creeds, holy books or teachers to follow - just the receiving of the latihan.


Am I prohibited from meditation, drugs or occult exercises?
It is recommended not to mix the latihan with meditation, recreational drugs, or occult practices. If an individual wishes to follow some other approach in addition to the latihan, they are free to do so but are advised that this can lead to confusion and ultimately hinders one’s inner growth.


Are there benefits to doing the latihan?
While Subud is not a religion the latihan is a spiritual experience. The latihan works at a very deep level, deeper than the places that your mind and heart can go. Many individuals have found a deeper understanding of their purpose in this life from the evidence they receive for themselves through the latihan.


Where can I find a Subud group in my area?
You may contact us using this form and we will put you in touch with the nearest group.