Osanna Vaughn, World Subud News, writes

The present crisis around the world practically brought the preparations for next World Congress in Kalimantan to a standstill. We are very aware of and have a deep feeling of respect and empathy for the difficulties many Subud members and their loved ones might be experiencing. Even so, we felt that the undergoing competition to choose the logo shouldn’t be postponed and that perhaps, as we were in lockdown, it could serve as a time for our Subud artists to become inspired.

They proved us right! With the amazing participation of 48 Subud designers from more than 20 countries, we received a total of 116 different logo proposals! We are very grateful to all of the contributors and to our panel of five judges representing the wider Subud community (one member of the WSC, one member of the WCOT and one Subud member from each of the areas). Our judges are not only very committed to Subud and have been serving the needs of our members for many years, but they are also very competent professionals in business, visuals, marketing, graphic and industrial design, and the arts in general.

They worked diligently and harmoniously to select a logo to represent us all, which will be the face and branding for our 16th World Subud Congress. The winning logo was designed by our brother, Aswin Vogel, from Subud Perth in Australia!

Read the judges’ comments here!

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